DEEPACT, acquired the 'T-4' rating that verifies TCB excellent

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DEEPACT Inc. (CEO Kyoung Bin Lee) acquired the 'T-4' rating that verifies TCB excellent company in Technology credit bureau 2021 held by NICE D&B, a credit evaluation institution.

This technology evaluation has 10 grades from T-1 to T-10. The grade is given according to the comprehensive review and reflection of management competency, technology, market competitiveness, and business feasibility. Then the evaluated companies are classified into the highest technology company, high technology company, typical technology company by their grades.




TCB's excellent company certification verified the outstanding technology business capability and technology competitiveness of the company. The T-4 grade DEEPACT Inc. received this time is only given to the companies with great potential for future growth and can be assumed as the best certificate grade that small and medium-sized companies can receive. Since this level corresponds to the A Technology-Based IPO, it also implies that the excellence of the company's technological capability on firm performance has been widely verified.

DEEPACT holds data security patents and various technology copyrights. It is a company specialized in developing network data and corporate S/W.

Meanwhile, DEEPACT CEO(Kyoung Bin Lee) said, "In the second half of 2021, we plan to carry out a special promotion to expand the partnership of our security service 'KoreaSSL' and enhance the time and attendance management company solution 'WRAPUP'."


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